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Product Softening As Your Superpower March 12, 2022

An Embodied Feminine Leadership Experience

Let go of tension, control, and carrying everything on your own. Move from "I got this" to "We Got You".

Join us in a half-day, virtual retreat, to immerse yourself in a sacred container of support, learning, and connection. 

When: Saturday, March 12th from 9 am to 12 pm Pacific

Virtual Event

Who is this for? Women who are ready to set down the weight of feeling responsible for it all and learn how to lean into others to receive help and support.

Who is this is not for? If you are not ready to confront your fears of letting go and want to keep gripping the handles of the baggage and continue holding the weight of responsibility, all by yourself. 

What it is:  You'll be led in an embodied transformational experience with three powerful CTI trained coaches to create a container of sacred trust for you to lean into so you can soften into your natural superpowers that evoke compassion, empathy, and clarity for what matters most to you. 

What you'll receive:

  • Clarity around a struggle you are experiencing that causes you frustration and stress.
  • Learn three embodied exercises to create a foundation of wisdom within you
  • Align your mind, body & soul to make decisions faster.
  • Discover both the shadow and enlightened parts of yourself that lead to self-acceptance and self-authority.
  • Embodied Dance celebration at the end of the retreat to lock in the experience.
  • A special gift to support you in your journey.
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