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Sometimes when you're facing a challenge or just facing something new, the best way to approach it is by taking it one step at a time. To reach your goals, the hardest step is just taking that first step. Taryn at Summit of Mt Rainier

I remember this back in 2007 when I decided to climb Mt. Rainier. I recall counting the steps, one by one, as I began the ascent to her 14, 408 ft summit with our trusted guide and friend. I recall Loren's encouragement and expertise that safely guided us around dangerous crevasses in the middle of the night and up to the frigid mountain top just after sunrise. 

Summiting a mountain is a great metaphor for changing one's life.

 Sure, you could try and do it alone. Or you could engage the service of a guide who will be there, step by step, to guide you past obstacles, find the best route through, and safely reach the summit to celebrate. 

Doing hard things doesn't mean you have to do it alone.  

In this newsletter edition, learn how getting out of comfort zones open up opportunities that transform your life and live a life you love! 





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Each time I fly away from Seattle,  I try and get a window seat so that I can gaze upon glorious Mt. Rainier. At over 14k feet tall, she is majestic.

Besides being the tallest volcano in Washington state, she represents my personal journey of tapping inner strength and intercepting limiting beliefs. She especially reminds me to get out of my comfort zones to expand my awareness of what I am capable of. 

In 2007, I got out of my comfort zone to summit Rainier with moderate training under my belt. I was in pretty good cardio shape but had not taken a mountaineering course. We did have an amazing guide who got us safely to her summit. It was a 3-day journey that tested my mental state several times. I remember thinking to myself at one o’clock in the morning as we trudged slowly up a crevasse-filled glacier, “childbirth was easier than this!”
Mt. Rainier 2016 Wonderland Trail Taryn Laakso
Nine years later, my friend, Elin and I hoisted 35 lb. backpacks and hiked the 93-mile long Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier. The Wonderland trail was filled with many challenges We trudged up a pass, enjoying the views, and slowly traversed down, only to climb another pass.  
All this to say, building a business has its ups and downs, similar to climbing a mountain. Getting out of your comfort zones is a critical step in playing a bigger game in your business so you can reach the peaks. 
Oftentimes, you need a guide along the way to traverse the unknown parts that can feel scary or stuck. I am so grateful for the guides I have enlisted along the way to get where I am at today. And sometimes you just need a few tips from a fellow traveler. Here are 5 easy steps you can follow when you are feeling stuck:

 Sharing is Caring!

 Airway Science for Kids, Inc. (ASK) is a nonprofit with a mission to remove barriers for children and youth who have been systematically excluded from STEAM education and careers. Founded as a nonprofit in 1992, ASK engages youth of color and youth who are living on low incomes in unique opportunities to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEAM) through the exciting world of flight. ASK's founder, Bob Strickland, was a leader in Portland’s African American community who saw aeronautics as a tool to capture the imaginations of youth at critical ages and transitions.

I am excited to be ASK's Leadership Coach, or in their words, the "Crew Chief Coach"  for their teams to ensure they can serve the kids and community to their full potential and not letting themselves stay stuck in comfort zones. It's an honor to witness the team setting in motion programs that align with the purpose, vision, and mission of this organization. 

Give Students Wings to Soar!

Airway Science for Kids' annual Wings to Soar fundraiser that is taking place from now till Tuesday, September 21 this year. Their event will be hosted online so you can join from just about anywhere! 

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Events & Updates

Check out the opportunities below to access online events or listen to podcast episodes where I am a guest speaker. 


In its 2nd season, The Plateau Partner Pulse is rocking some interviews with amazing guests from my BNI chapter. Yours truly hosted an episode that dropped last week. In this episode, I invited my delightful client, Julia Cannell, the Executive Director of the Non-Profit, Airway Science for Kids.  Julia is leading a thriving non-profit through committed actions of investing in the development of her staff.  Through the work of Positive Intelligence® and private coaching, her staff has learned to intercept limiting beliefs that are getting in their way of reaching their full potential as leaders. It's created a ripple effect of positive impact on the children they serve in the greater Portland area.  Listen to this episode to learn more about how upgrading your mindset not only improves your happiness, it increases your bottom line and impacts your ability to grow your impact!  


Group Program Offering: PQ Mental Fitness Bootcamp


Have you wanted to play a bigger game, but there are these little thoughts that pop into your head that distract you from taking action? Or maybe you are afraid to take a big GULP to get out of a comfort zone. 

You're not alone.  Most business owners face a barrage of negative or limiting thoughts that keep them in a comfort zone that limits their potential. Want to learn what's holding you back and intercept it for good?

Join me in the next cohort of the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Bootcamp! You'll discover how your inner thoughts hijack your ability to fly towards personal and professional fulfillment. 

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Luncheon Speaker:

Join us on Zoom, September 23rd from 12 - 1:30 PM

Taryn Laakso is the September luncheon speaker! Bring a Friend!

Lunch & Learn
Intercepting negative inner critic thoughts is critical for playing your bigger game in your business and your life. These negative thoughts hijack your happiness, performance, and relationships which are critical for reaching your full potential.
It's easy to build new mental muscles to fight off the brain bullies and approach every challenge with more clarity and calm. When your brain is strong enough, ease and flow are more accessible. Taryn Laakso will share an overview of how Saboteurs hijack your ability to step into Conscious Leadership and rise above the line of you showing up authentically, courageous, and with play in your business. This allows you to create the dream business you deserve.  You'll also walk away with a quick technique to bring calm into your busy life and Attracting Your Ideal Clients Through Speaking.
Note: Please register as a 1st-time guest. 

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About Me

Taryn Laakso is a leadership & mental fitness coach, guiding clients through a journey to intercepts limiting beliefs, ignite confidence, and integrate new ways of leading authentically to Creates a Living with joy & happiness instead of being in the drudgery of Making a Living.

She is differentiated by her focus on mindset and weaves together a variety of coaching tools to transform the lives of her clients. Taryn views herself as a “sherpa” whose role is to guide her clients through their journey from a life of practicality and fear to a life of passion and purpose along with profit.

Taryn loves traveling, cooking, sailing, backpacking, reading, and spending quality time with her blended family outside of coaching. 


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