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This weekend confronted me with two things that required me to pivot because I was sensing a feeling like I pushing too hard towards a goal. Trying to make things happen. There was a tightness and a bit of crunchy feeling in my shoulders. Tension was forming in my body. This did not feel soft.  The current feeling was rooted in the thoughts of not having enough time; Not having enough of it to do all that I wanted to create and put out into the world.

If I am a practitioner of what I teach,  then something was off about what I had committed to and a pivot was necessary to shift back into a state of ease and flow.  Rather than let the Hyper-Achiever and inner critics' voices push me to an outcome that might risk draining my energy battery too much, I chose to listen to my inner wisdom and downshift the GO gear. 


I am empowering you to pivot towards ease and flow if you are noticing you have shifted into HIGH GEAR of the GO energy. Permit yourself to downshift to avoid burnout.  If you struggle to even think of letting just one thing go, give me a call! 

I've got you in this messy and crazy world where you are creating a life you love!                    





[Note: If you were curious about attending the in-person event in October, please note that this has shifted to an embodied virtual retreat that will be even more delicious and offered up in early December. I am fully committed to sharing this good work in the world, just switching how it is delivered! More to come in future newsletters.]

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It's not unusual to feel overwhelmed with life right now. Demands of work, family, world issues can activate a feeling of not having enough time or energy to "do it all". It can also activate a feeling of isolation where you need to show the world that "I Got This" so others don't see you gripping the steering wheel of life. Maybe you are trying to hang on too tightly to everything and white-knuckling your way through it. Do you feel the tightness in the neck and shoulders constricting? Do you wish you could get a massage right now? I do!

 Here's what I believe happens when the gripping state of "I got this" takes over:

  1. It limits the potential for what's possible.
  2. It fosters worry, anxiety, and doubt
  3. It shuts downplay, creativity, and joy
  4. It feels hard
  5. It creates push energy to get things done
  6. It activates control and struggle
  7. It can lead to isolation

Sound familiar?

What if there is a fresh perspective for "I got this"?  A softer version. One where it embraces and supports you. It allows you to loosen the tight grip on the steering wheel AND you get to still do all that you want to do.

Here's what I believe happens when "I got this" softens into "We got this"

  • It opens up connections with others
  • It fosters confidence because you are supported
  • It pulls you forward
  • It opens up the heart and authenticity flows in
  • It unleashes creativity
  • It activates ease and flow
  • It creates connection

This shift is possible when you notice the constriction and choose to share it with someone else. When I vulnerably share that I feel the constriction of fear, doubt, or control creep up, it instantly releases its hold on me. Just naming it the first step in releasing the white knuckles. 

Click here to learn more ways to embrace Softening as a Superpower. I’ve shared 8 ways to relax into navigating your life rather than the white-knuckling driving through it!

Sharing is Caring!

I love sharing this video with my clients when we talk about where they are in their leadership. Are they above or below the line? 

What is the line? Watch this video to learn more. 

Conscious Leadership Image of YouTube

Share with me what part of this video resonated the most with you. 

Where are you today?

Maybe in one moment, you are above the line, and then the next brings you below the line. It can feel a bit like a roller coaster. I know that I was there for most of my life.

Until I learned how to intercept the inner thoughts that cause all the feelings of 'not enoughness'.

I love being able to teach my clients how to intercept this for themselves too. I believe the fastest and most effective way to intercept these feelings of 'not enoughness' is by retaining your brain to build stronger mental muscles. The 8 weeks BootCamp I offer below is one way this is possible.

Please share this video with anyone you feel would benefit from this! When we can pause long enough to ask "Where are you?", that is enough to choose your next best step.  

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Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Bootcamp 

Did you resonate with any of the 'Not Enough" thoughts from the Conscious Leadership video above? Have you ever found yourself wanting to control everything around you? Or maybe you avoid having a hard conversation with someone out of fear. Controlling and Avoider are just two of the 10 brain bullies that impact performance, happiness, and relationships.

Join us in an 8-week mental fitness Bootcamp that will teach you how to intercept the negative thoughts and behaviors so you pull yourself above the line in a matter of minutes! You'll also learn how to bring others above the line rather than getting frustrated because you are trying to pull them up. 

Join me in the next cohort of the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Bootcamp! You'll discover how to intercept the inner thoughts that hijack your ability to pull yourself up above the line.

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Taryn Laakso is a leadership & mental fitness coach, guiding clients through a journey to intercepts limiting beliefs, ignite confidence, and integrate new ways of leading authentically to Creates a Living with joy & happiness instead of being in the drudgery of Making a Living.

She is differentiated by her focus on mindset and weaves together a variety of coaching tools to transform the lives of her clients. Taryn views herself as a “sherpa” whose role is to guide her clients through their journey from a life of practicality and fear to a life of passion and purpose along with profit.

Taryn loves traveling, cooking, sailing, backpacking, reading, and spending quality time with her blended family outside of coaching. 


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