Tips to Navigate a Successful Transition

As this month is ending, I’m reflecting on the whirlwind of activity unfolding for me as I close a chapter in my life that kept me safe, secure and pretty darn independent these past seven years. 

I listed my home for sale. Gulp! I am fully committed to making a huge shift in my living and personal life. If I had been asked a year ago if I thought I would be selling my home and moving to another town to blend a family with my partner, I would have said "No way" and scoffed at the idea. I wasn't ready. He wasn't ready. We just weren't there yet. What about our kids? The logical and low-risk taker in me would have been navigating this course in very safe and calm waters. Don't rock the boat of what worked ‘pretty well’ already. 

But 'pretty well' isn't the mantra I am embracing this year. I'm embracing the "Heck Yes" mindset and untethering myself from the safety of the dock and navigating towards a whole new world where I get to explore unchartered territories for me. We're blending a home. Not just our belongings, but his kids and mine. Going from my family of three to a whole big family of six. Introducing his dog to my cat. I think the pet dynamics will be the roughest waters we charter on this journey together. 

I could have played it safe and not taken these risks. Stayed in my comfort zone of 'pretty good' and anchored in the calm waters of a protected bay of my life but what would this cost me? For me, it would cost me love, joy, happiness and growth.

Instead, I am choosing to focus on what I will gain. Tapping into massive amounts of courage and vulnerability so I can spend consistent time with the love of my life. Hear the laughter of our kids playing games together, take a risk with my business, grow a garden that connects me to Mother Earth. And maybe, even our pets will grow fond of one another. I can always hope, right? These are the rewards of takings risks, being vulnerable, and above all else, holding a vision of a life I want for myself.

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All the best in this messy and imperfect world,

Taryn Laakso
Unlaaking Your Potential



Taryn Laakso
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