How to Ground Yourself During a Spiral of Change vs Spiraling Out of Control

It's been a BIG month of changes for me. I've moved to a new neighborhood, my family has grown by three new people and three pets, I'm learning a new role at work, my coaching certification program completed, the family property I co-own is about to be sold that's been in our family for 90+ years and the home I have lived in for the past 6 years has a mutually accepted offer pending. 

I really wish I could say I have sailed through this with calm emotions and it's been a breeze to get through. I would be flat out lying to you. The truth is, I've been on a wide roller coaster of emotions from joy to grief. I have stormed out of my house and cried in my car, I have cried on a conference call,  I cried while eating a bowl of chicken soup. I have also done a lot of things to avoid feeling any emotions like scrubbing kitchen cabinets, ripping ivy vines out of the garden, scrolling through Facebook way too much. I have also experienced lots of moments of laughter, joy, and celebration surrounded by people who love me.

And guess what? IT'S ALL NORMAL as we go through a spiral of change! We are emotional human beings and we get to give ourselves permission to experience the full range of emotions and move through them. As a seashell spiral grows bigger, the shell also gets stronger. I feel that with each cycle of moving through an emotion and honoring it for what it is, it's informing me about what I am learning and my shell grows. I can handle bigger edges in my growth and take bigger risks in my personal and professional life. For instance, I used to think that if I expressed any emotions, I would either  spiral out of control and succumb to them. I would live in fear of expressing them because I would be judged as too much to handle so I put on a facade that I had it all together. None of this was healthy coping mechanisms for me. Instead, I've learned (and continue to learn) how to expand my emotional spiral vs succumb to spiraling out.


All the best in this messy and imperfect world,

Taryn Laakso
Unlaaking Your Potential





Taryn Laakso
UnLaaking Your Potential, LLC