Counter Intuitive Thoughts about the Value of a Naysayer in Your Life

Shhh… I have two secrets to share with you about the Naysayers in your life!

I’m curious if you have ever experienced a moment when you had this big, amazing idea and someone you love, trust or admire shuts it down? How does that make you feel?

For me, I feel like a popped helium balloon falling to the ground.

Because in that moment just before I share this amazing vision,  I feel energized, excited and floating like a bouncy happy balloon. Then when the person, the Naysayer in this case, isn’t in totally jumping up and down with excitement with me, I feel like my dream has been popped and dropped to the ground where it is getting stomped all over.

Ugh! My body feels deflated and broken. I want to give up on myself.

I notice that my  mindset turns from "I can totally do this" to a cacophony  of negative self-talk saying thing s like "Told you that was a dumb idea" These negative self talk voices want to throw a party inside my head. Here a few of the top billing negative self-talk voices (aka saboteurs) crashing my party. 

1. No Good Ned ["You’re not good enough"]
2. Judgy G ["Seriously, who do you think you are?"]
3. Pleasing Penny ["I couldn't possibly do this, it might upset them too much"] and a lot of their sneaky entourage. 

Have you ever had a similar experience? When the Naysayer tries their hardest to keep you from following your dreams?

Here is a little secret I want to share with you…

Your Naysayer may be the best gift you can receive to provide clarity on what YOUR DREAM is and they are a big signal you are navigating towards some SUPER important to you. 

How? When your excitement is popped and you’re feeling deflated, it’s a clear sign that you WANTED something! It’s important to YOU. There is huge value in paying attention to your reactions to check in with how important this dream is to you.

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Wishing you the best as you navigate the Naysayers in your life,


Taryn Laakso
Unlaaking Your Potential




Taryn Laakso
UnLaaking Your Potential, LLC