Hi Taryn,

Have you ever had a thought; a little niggle in your gut that’s an idea of something you want to do “when you retire”? It’s that thing that you say to yourself or out loud to your best friend, “When I retire, I think I want to do this.” This happened over the weekend as I was talking to a friend on the phone. She shared an idea that was bubbling up for her. I was so excited to hear what she had to say, and her vision was terrific (and scary at the same time). 

Whatever the “this” is, I invite, no scratch that, I beg you to get curious about it.

THIS is your inner wisdom nudging you to open yourself up to something new. It’s a beautiful piece of knowledge offered up to you.

Years ago, I dismissed that voice. Not anymore. This voice is sacred to me now. It’s responsible for nudging me towards a new career, new relationships, new opportunities, and a new life.

When you get the “nudge” from your inner wisdom, our inner critic voice likes to jump right in and provide a litany of reasons why YOU SHOULDN’T do it. Before the idea gets hijacked by your saboteurs, try this first. If you don’t settle your mind, it the perfect moment for your brain to SHUT THIS IDEA DOWN.

I want you to try something different.  I am inviting you in to get super curious instead. Close your eyes and pay close attention to your breath’s temperature as you breathe in and out of your nose for 1-2 minutes. Allow your brain to quiet and settle down. Ask yourself what is important about this idea that just came to you instead of dismissing it as rubbish. I like to ask myself these questions.

  • What would happen if I succeeded in this?
  • How would I feel?
  • What is the impact on my life now and 10 years from now?

Sometimes our brains will shut it down faster than a fly swatter hitting a bug - whack, and there goes that brilliant idea.  You have a choice. Let it get squashed, or let it ignite.

If you chose to let it ignite, you get answers that are exhilarating, scary, and sparks something bigger inside of you.

I often see the spark ignite when I work with my clients. They bravely share their nugget ideas, and we get curious about the “what ifs” about it. Then they get to decide if they want to act on it. We build a plan and start breaking it down so that their idea starts to become a reality.

I’m here today because of ideas I shared with my coaches that explored my Why, What, and How about it, which allowed me to ignite and grow.

Here are some ideas igniting for me in 2021 and beyond. I may not know what shape they will take, but I know deep in my belly that they are ideas worth fanning the flames. More details will come as these take form and dates set, but I am so excited to share right now with you what’s on the horizon to see if anything sparks an interest for YOU. If you are curious, respond to this email, and let me know to keep you updated as I design these. 


  • Pacific North West Day Retreat; Ignite your creative ideas and move toward action
  • Italy - July 2022; A 7 day/night coaching retreat for clients who want to shift from a place of “Going” all the time and feeling exhausted to a place of “Flowing” in their lives with ease and calm while enjoying the ambiance of Italy.


  • Money Mindset; Creating abundance in your life by focusing on less is more
  • Empathy as a Superpower; Inviting in compassion for yourself and others
  • Minimizing the Overwhelm; 5 steps to organize and prioritize your creative ideas
  • Positive Intelligence Made Real; For coaches incorporating Positive Intelligence into their own business and want tips and plans on how to get your first program launched. Click here for more details. 


I have a secret to keep and I will be sharing it with you soon. This secret was something that was a niggle of an idea from 2020 that is now a reality. It launches this Friday. Stay tuned!

All the best in this messy and imperfect world,

Taryn Laakso, ACC | CPCC
Unlaaking Your Potential, LLC

Taryn Laakso provides individualized 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching programs, and resources designed to ignite creativity, stoke the flames of inspiration, and guide clients in developing their own inner wisdom. After years of working as an HR professional, she brings a consultative approach to her coaching and is passionate about working with entrepreneurial leaders who are transitioning out of their corporate careers and toward their passion work.

She is differentiated by her focus on mindset and weaves together a variety of coaching tools in her approach to transforming the lives of her clients. Taryn views herself as a “sherpa” whose role is to guide her clients through their journey from a life of practicality and fear to a life of passion and purpose along with profit.

Outside of coaching, Taryn loves cooking, sailing, backpacking in the Pacific Northwest, reading, and spending quality time with her blended family. 





Taryn Laakso
UnLaaking Your Potential, LLC