Hi Taryn,

You're not alone. 

If you had a contrary thought pop after you read that statement, it's false. 

How do I know? Because my irrational lizard brain tried to tell me this last week after an episode of mental illness tried to wrap its tentacles around a loved one in our family. I witnessed how it impacted all of us on different levels. After the immediate crisis passed, I knew I needed to process it, or else the impacts of mental illness would continue to have a ripple effect sucking me down with it. 

All the wisdom I have received in my growth journey was in direct conflict with my reptilian brain (sympathetic nervous system). It caused a torrent of thoughts in my head. There was a battle between my Sage's inner wisdom and Saboteurs' inner-critic voices. The irrational thoughts I heard float in my brain were phrases like…  

"Stay strong for your partner."

"Stuff your needs aside."

"If you cry, you won't be able to stop."

"You don’t have time for this." 

These were battling against my inner Sage, who was urging me to seek help. 

Her words of wisdom were more persistent than the mess of Saboteur lies. Her gentle words were… 


All the best in this messy and imperfect world,

Taryn Laakso, ACC | CPCC
Unlaaking Your Potential, LLC

Taryn Laakso provides individualized 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching programs, and resources designed to ignite creativity, stoke the flames of inspiration, and guide clients in developing their own inner wisdom. After years of working as an HR professional, she brings a consultative approach to her coaching and is passionate about working with entrepreneurial leaders who are transitioning out of their corporate careers and toward their passion work.

She is differentiated by her focus on mindset and weaves together a variety of coaching tools in her approach to transforming the lives of her clients. Taryn views herself as a “sherpa” whose role it is to guide her clients through their journey from a life of practicality and fear to a life of passion and purpose along with profit.

Outside of coaching, Taryn loves cooking, sailing, backpacking in the Pacific Northwest, reading, and spending quality time with her blended family. 





Taryn Laakso
UnLaaking Your Potential, LLC